The Fifties to the Eighties

The Games continued to flourish over the years and retained their place as one of the most popular meetings on the circuit. Tam Young, decided to retire as secretary and handi­capper after 42 years in those positions. For 1951, he shared responsibility with John Young and in 1952 John Young took over.In the fifties and sixties Morebattle running school was very strong and were winners of a great many races, including winners of the famous New Year’s meetings.

Although the track at Morebattle Games is made on a grass grazing field some classic times have been recorded for various events. One of the most notable performances was the breaking of the British Native 120yds. record on 8th August, 1965 by Ricky Dunbar, Edinburgh. His time from scratch was recorded by three timekeepers at 11.42 secs

Running School

‘A dreich day’s training for some of the Morebattle School’

Eddie Presenting Cup

Sash donated by Ricky Dunbar, to the winner of the 1991 Open Sprint, R. Wilson, Kelly.

Unfortunately in 1962 the wrestling was dropped from the programme due to lack of support.
Although the quoiting was similarily dropped in the early seventies it was resurrected in 1987.

After 26 years as secretary John Young informed the Games Committee that he wished to retire from the job. In 1977 Eddie Young and John Mabon were appointed as joint secretaries and treasurers. At a committee meeting held on June 1977 it was intimated that a jubilee trophy was to be given to the games to be awarded to the winner of a race of their choice. The committee decided that this trophy should go to the winner of the confined sprint. The result on the day was lst M. Minto, 2nd K. McNulty, 3rd I. Young.

In 1978 the Tote Double started and brought in a steady income which is put to good use.

The pavilion doors were replaced and the woodwork repaired, windows were fitted behind the opening shutters. Racing bibs, start numbers for the track and ropes to replace the wire round the ring were purchased. At a meeting of the Games Committee in 1979 it was proposed to purchase the vacant St. Aidans Hall for the use of the village. A committee was formed to make the arrangements. The hall was renamed Morebattle Village Hall and since then has been the venue for such local events as the flower show, youth club, concerts, dances, etc.

In 1982 and 1983 the Games arranged a parachute display. Some of the team were local men and they provided a great show which was much appreciated by the large crowd.

We now have cups and trophies for each race gifted by local people. In 1993 for the first time amateur and professional athletes were allowed to compete against each other, this led to increased entries at Morebattle Games and races were keenly contested.

John Trophy Table

                                                    The Morebattle Games Trophy Table

For some time the committee have been raising funds for 1994, the Games Centenary Year and plan to celebrate it with various events. A barbecue is to be held in the school yard on Friday, 5th August, followed by a disco in the Village Hall at which the Games Queen will be chosen. The Kalesiders plan to have a children’s treasure hunt on Thursday, llth August. On Friday, 12th a fancy dress competition and parade will take place at the Toongate and a street party will follow later in the evening.

At the Games meeting the prize money has been greatly increased for the year. The main event, the 110m handicap, prize money totalling £600 is being sponsored by Intersport/ Reebok. Various other races have been sponsored by local people. lst prize winners will receive a centenary medal and local children who compete will get a replica medal.

With local support the games look set to continue for many years to come and who knows, this year’s participants may feature in a bi-centenary programme in 2094.

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