Festival Week 2013

Festival Week 2013 Events

The sashing of the  2013 Games Queen took place during the service in Morebattle Church on Sunday 28th July at 11:15 am.

Saturday 3rd August Boys & Girls Five-A-Side Football Competition
School playfield at 2pm
Winners: Liam Burke (c), Alan Miller, Dale Adam, Simon Wyatt, Charlie ScottRunners-up: Richard Cook, (c), Ryan Sudlow, Brad Adams, Michael Moffat, Andrew Wyatt

Sunday 4th August Family Day School Playfield 2pm
Races, team games, welly throwing, Penalty kick, Bouls competition, Tombola stand
Penalty Kicks Senior: Liam Burke. Junior: Brad Adams
Welly Throwing Senior: Stan Scott Ladies: Grace Cessford Boys: Neil Mallon Girls: Susie Thomson Bouls: Andrew Scott No of Sweets: Tamara Mallen

Monday 5th August Coffee Evening in Village Hall @7pm
 Sales table, Raffle, competitions

Quiz in Templehall Lounge 8:30pm
Gace Cessford, Pauline Weatherhead, David Gray, Jim Burke
Runners-up: Annie Smith, Moira Wight, Andrew Bryce, Ryan Sudlow, Ally Johnston

Tuesday 6th August Camera Club Exhibition in Institute
Times 2 – 4pm  6 – 8pm Teas & Raffle

Pool Competition in Templehall Challenge Cup 7:30pm
Ben Stenhouse beat Jordan Chisholm in final

Wednesday 7th August Whist & Dominoes in the Village Hall
7pm for 7:30pm Admission £2.00 children £0.50
Ladies: 1st Mary Tait, 2nd Evelyn Taylor, 3rd Christine Ballantyne, 4th Catherine Mabon, Booby  Jenny,  Longest Sitter  Stella Gillie
Gents1st Roy Buchanan, 2nd Mrs. Hogg, 3rd Jock Middlemas, 4th Jimmy Douglas, Booby Ella Young, Longest Sitter  Sheena Nelson
Dominoes1st Brenda Burke,  2nd Craig Anderson,  3rd Angela Cook, 4th  Graeme Lang

Thursday 8th August Children’s Egg Hunt & Teddy Bears Picnic at School playfield at 2:30pm 
Egg Hunt: 1st Angus Barbour 2nd Jenny Thomson, 3rd Beth Thomson.
Teddy Bears: 1st – Haidyn Thomson with Bun, 2nd Eivie Leonard with Teddy, 3rd Liam Armstrong with Donk
Treasure Hunt for6 – 12 years at 2:30
Lucy Thomson, Lillie Reid & Dale Adams 2nd Brad Adams & Rebecca Coonie 3rd Emma Thomson & Sasha Jackson.
Pet Show at School Playfield 6:30pm
Large Dog: 1st
Molly with Gellie 2nd Barbour Boys with Kizzie 3rd Jordan Chisholm with Patch.
Small Dog: 1st Amy Ralston with Tango, 2nd Ely McBlain with Lola, 3rd Liam Purves with Oscar
Pet other than Dog: 1st Tilly Bourne with Poppy the Guinea Pig  2nd  Liam Purves with Goldie the Hamster  3rd  Flora Thomson with Gertrude & Nibbles the Hamster
Rescued Pet: 1st Emily Savage with Jet the Dog  2nd Emma, Lucy & Jenny Thomson with Tigger the Cat. 3rd. Tamara Cook with Merlin the Cat
Owner most like their Pet: 1st Holly Wyatt with Dusty the Cat 2nd Matthew Little with Crafty the Dog, 3rd Liam Purves with Oscar the Dog

Friday 9th August Fancy Dress Parade Judging at School Playfield 6:30pm Parade followed to Family Disco in Temple hall Lounge thereafter, presentation of cups and results of the Scarecrow Competition.
Children 7 & Under
: 1st Ely McBlain as Little Bopeep, 2nd Logan Omara as Little Monster 3rd Millie Workman as Girl Pirate
Children 8-16:  1st  Flora Thomson as Wimbledon (Andy Murray)  2nd Sam Johnston as Morebattle Wind Farm,  3rd Finn McEwan as Vain Rooney
Childrens Groups: 1st Chloe, Ryan & Katie Wight as One Man and His Dog 2nd  Emma, Lucy, Jenny Thomson & Tamara Mallen as British Lion Cubs Grand Tour, 3rd Brad & Dale Adams as The Smurfs.
Individual Adults: 1st Louise Bryce as Kate Middleton & Prince George 2nd  Carol Purves – Votes for Women, 3rd Joanne Sudlow – Bertie Bassett
Mixed Groups: 1st Wizard of Oz – The Wyatt Family & Friends 2nd The Morebattle Shop Assistants – Morebattle Tattie Bogles 3rd Cook Family & Friends – Whitton Prisoners.
Overall Winner of Fancy Dress: One Man & His Dog – Chloe, Ryan & Katie Wight
Saturday 10th August Morebattle Games at Morebattle Tofts

Scarecrow Competition – Scarecrows displayed all week from 4th
August. (12 entries)
1st Kate Patterson – Track & Field 2nd Sheila Fox – The Hiker 3rd Carol Purves – Love Your Garden

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