Festival Week 2014

Festival Week 2014 Events

The sashing of the  2013 Games Queen will take place during the service in Morebattle Church on Sunday 27th July at 11:15 am.

Saturday 2nd August Boys & Girls Five-A-Side Football Competition School playfield at 2pm
Winners – Andrew Scott, Liam Burke, Jason Scott, Dale Adams, Oliver Pickford and Colin Flannigan.
Runner-ups were Nicole Di Lorenzo, Rhaidan Scott, Ben Turnbull, Ewan Marshall, Finn McEwan and Graeme Lang.

Sunday 3rd August Family Day School Playfield 2pm

Races, team games, welly throwing, Penalty kick, Bouls competition, Tombola stand.
Welly ThrowingGirls – Emma Thomson, Boys – Kyle Scott, Ladies – Gillian Black,  Gents – Stan Scott
Penalty Kicks – Junior winner – Brad Adams, Senior winner – Liam Burke.
Boules winner Andrew Scott, No of Sweets – Mary Pringle.

Monday 4th August Coffee Evening in Village Hall @7pm then  Family Bingo in Templehall Lounge 8:30pm prompt

Tuesday 5th August Camera Club Exhibition in Institute
Times 2 – 4pm  6 – 8pm Teas & Raffle
Pool Competition in Templehall for Challenge Cup 7:30pm
Enter on night.
The Pool Competition winner was Stan Scott, runner-up Andrew Scott

Wednesday 6th August Whist & Dominoes in the Village Hall
7pm for 7:30pm Admission £2.00 children £0.50
Whist winners:  Ladies 1st Mary Pringle, 2nd Betty Fleming, 3rd Irene Millar,  4th Betty Mallen, Booby Cathy Taylor, Longest Sitter Mary Tait.  Gents 1st Gil Telfer, 2nd M. Hogg, 3rd Dorothy Corrie, 4th Roy Buchanan,  Booby Pat Young, Longest Sitter Mary McTaggart
Domino winners: 1st Kerry Dixon, 2nd Kym Cessford, 3rd equal Liam Purves & Angela Cook.

Thursday 7th August Children’s Egg Hunt & Teddy Bears Picnic at School playfield for under 6’s at 2:30pm (bring your own teddy)
Treasure Hunt at School Playfield: for 6 – 12 years at 2:30pm
Egg Hunt: 1st Luke Jackson, 2nd Katie Cessford, 3rd Ely McBlain.
Teddy Bear Competition: 1st Luke Jackson with ‘Bob’, 2nd Maggie Reid with ‘Holly’,3rd Duncan Douglas with ‘Celtic Ted’
Treasure Hunt Competition:
Emma Thomson, Zak Douglas, Lillie Reid and Lana Donaldson, 2nd Lucy Thomson, Kym Cessford, Liam Purves and Matthew Little, 3rd Holly Wyatt, Jenny Thomson, Sasha Jackson and Lexi Donaldson

Pet Show at School Playfield 6:30pm
Classes: (1) Large Dog, (2) Small Dog, (3) Small Pet other than dog, (4) Rescued Pet, (6) Owner most like their pet.
Large Dog:
 1st Flora Thomson with Rhubarb, 2nd Susan Thomson with Lief,  3rd Hazel Mallen with Max
Small Dog1st Liam Purves with Oscar,  2nd Matthew Little with Trixy.
Small Pet Other than dog: 1st Emma, Lucy & Jenny with Tigger the Cat, 2nd Lillie Reid with Gerbils Cupcake, Brownie & Muffin.
Rescued Pet: Emma, Lucy & Jenny with Tigger the Cat.
Owner most like pet: 1st Liam Purves with Oscar, 2nd Matthew Little with Trixy,3rd equal Flora Thomson with Rhubarb and Susan Thomson with Lief.

Friday 8th August Fancy Dress Parade Judging at School Playfield 6:30pm Parade followed to Family Disco in Temple hall Lounge thereafter, presentation of cups and results of the Scarecrow Competition
Classes: Children 7 & Under , Children 8-16:, Children’s Groups: Individual Adults, Mixed Groups, Overall Winner of Fancy Dress
Children 7 and under: 1st
Ely McBlain as Clown, 2nd Sasha Jackson as Clyde the Mascot, 3rd Luke Jackson as Commonwealth Games Baton Carrier.
Children 8 – 161st Sam Johnston as Kelsae Stane, 2nd Flora Thomson as The Referendum, 3rd Liam Purves as Fisherman.
Children s Groups: 1st Ryan, Chloe, Katy & Logan as Goldilocks & 3 Bears, 2nd Thomsons & Mallen as The Referendum, 3rd Holly Wyatt, & Cousins & Karen Barbor as Alice in Wonderland.
Individual Adults: 1st Richard Savage – Famous Grouse, 2nd Brett Broughton as South African Rugby Player, 3rd Lyn Broughton as Bag Lady.
Mixed Groups: 1st The Village Shop as Knitting Nanna’s, 2nd Chyna & Kerry Broughton as The Lost Kitten and the Cats Mother.
Overall Winner of Fancy Dress Cup: Sam Johnston as the Kelsae Stane.

Saturday 9th August Morebattle Games at Morebattle Tofts

Scarecrow Competition – Scarecrows displayed all week from 3rd
August. (14 entries)
1st  Lyn Broughton – The Fairytale Proposal, 2nd Helen Cessford – Clyde Mascot, 3rd Sasha & Luke Jackson – Dave the Minion.

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